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From 10 years ago, Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dancing to a trophy

The Lebanon High School Explosion! Dance team took its routine to the Memorial Coliseum in Portland March 14 and 15 for the OSAA state dance and drill championships. The squad, dancing to “One” by U2, finished third in the 5A small division. … Top, Randi Newport, Amanda Prather and Kaitlyn Stone (left to right) take gracefully to the air during the squad’s first performance of the competition.

Sewer rates to rise nearly 25 percent

City sewer rates will rise by 13.5 percent on July 1 of this year and another 11 percent on July 1, 2009.

The increases reflect costs associated with several wastewater capital improvement projects and a pending city council decision to help residential property own3ers with the cost of sewer lateral repairs and replacement.

From 25 years ago, Wednesday, March 17, 1993

Ricke says never again for T.V. talk show

Lebanon gun dealer Jim Ricke says he doesn’t think he got a fair shake when he appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphael talk show in New York.

“I will never go on that show again,” Ricke said. “They promised me there would be three pro-gun and three anti-gun speakers, but it turned out five to one. I was surrounded.”

Ricke flew to New York City a week ago to film an episode of the talk show and discuss his views on guns. At Ricke’s request, Oregon State Rep. Liz VanLeeuwen recently introduced a bill to require every household in Oregon to own a handgun. The bill is going nowhere in the Legislature, and VanLeeuwen said Monday that it was probably a dead issue.

From 50 years ago, Friday, March 15, 1968

Lebanon Lions To Spearhead Park Project

The Lebanon Lions Club voted Wednesday to accept the responsibility of sponsoring the development of a city park in the Southgate area to be known as Weldwood Park. The area which is 7.7 acres was donated to the city by United States Plywood Corporation last year. It lies east of South Main Road directly across from the Cedar Drive development. Plans call for a recreation area center by an amusement development to be called “Imagine City.” …

The club formerly developed Booth Park as a club project. The city of Lebanon will be responsible for all major work on the new park.

(Editor’s note: Weldwood Park was renamed Bob Smith Memorial Park in 2005.)

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