Families and residents lined the lawn at Cheadle Park in anticipation of the fireworks show on July 4 at the 12th annual Lebanon Community Foundation’s Star-Spangled Celebration. 

While many people sat contently waiting for the show to begin, others took park in other several fun activities. 

Such as siblings Ethan Costa, 11, and Rachel Costa, 9, raced down a bouncy castle slide. 

Ethan took second place twice. 

"Just the race itself is fun," Ethan said. 

Later the siblings competed in a game of miniature golf with their dad, Jim Costa. 

Ethan said his family has been coming to the Independence Day festival for about four years, and he enjoys the fireworks show. 

"Just the color and the sounds, everything about it is cool," Ethan said. 

The band "Radio" rocked the stage before fireworks were set off while jugglers from the Corvallis Throwing Department put on a James Bond-themed juggling show called "Double O Fourth of July."

"We imagine the world of secret agents and spies, if that world was properly infused with juggling," said David Salee, CDT juggling instructor. 

The show incorporated several references to James Bond titles such as "The Man with the Golden Clubs," and a new invention called "The Moonraker." 

Other activities included face painting and shooting air soft pellet guns. 

William Quinby, 12, tried his hand at shooting one of those guns.

He said it was his first time ever shooting that type of gun.

"It's pretty hard to get the pellet where you want it," William said.

However, he was excited about it because it's the closest he's gotten to hitting a bullseye.  

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