Name: Lucidyne Technologies Inc.

Address: 155 S.W. Madison Ave., Corvallis

Phone: 541-753-5111


Key leaders: George Carman, founder, owner and president; Ellen Nelson, chief financial officer; Mark Hiatt, engineering manager; Mike Aronson, software manager; Ofer Heyman, director of operations

Number of employees: 70

What it does: Lucidyne Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of automated scanning and optimization systems for the wood products industry, with more than a dozen patents to its credit. Lucidyne's flagship GradeScan system uses dozens of scanners to read each board as it moves through the planer mill conveyer system at speeds of up to 40 mph. The scanners read and record information about knots, cracks, stains and other defects to create an electronic map of each board. The map is transmitted to the optimizing system, which calculates hundreds of thousands of possible configurations before determining the best way to make the final cut to maximize value based on lumber grade, customer needs and other considerations. A computerized user interface allows the mill operator to update information about pricing, customer orders and other parameters.

Why it’s worth watching: Though it tends to fly below the radar in its own hometown, Lucidyne was named 2015 Business of the Year earlier this month at the 68th annual Celebrate Corvallis awards banquet. The company also recently signed an agreement with Interfor, a large Canadian lumber manufacturer, to purchase up to nine GradeScan systems from Lucidyne for installation at Interfor’s nine Southeastern U.S. mills during the years 2016-2018. Lucidyne is hiring for a range of jobs, including software developers, electrical engineers and scanner technicians, and expects to add three or four new positions to its workforce this year. The company recently reorganized its sales division and anticipates a sales increase in the range of 20 percent in 2016.

 — Bennett Hall, Corvallis Gazette-Times 


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